What Should Teachers Learn?

The primary focus of states has been, What should students learn? One result has been the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which have at this writing been adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia. The CCSS make all the more pressing the need to train teachers to teach differently than they themselves were […]

The Perspective of Teacher Educators.

Almost all teacher educators acknowledge that the field has deep problems, but their concern has seldom been about the issues raised by external critics such as lack of selectivity, an imbalance between content and pedagogy, or the lack of value delivered. These differences aren’t always recognized because the insider critiques often sound a lot like […]

Teacher Judgment Accuracy.

Teaching must be tailored to different students with different characteristics [34]. This need to adapt instruction has been studied for more than a century [33,35]. Yet, with the rise of diversity as an issue in the educational debate, recent policies, e.g. [36], increasingly call for using assessments to “individualize instruction for students with diverse learning […]

The Status Of Teachers

The status of teachers Teaching enjoys average to high status, depending in part on the amount of study required to prepare for employment. Since this ranges from a relatively brief time to many years, the levels of social and economic status span a wide range. The economic status Salaries The salaries of elementary- and secondary-school […]