Teaching Presence in Online Education.

Most often the topic of creating any type of presence in online education is viewed from the student perspective (Oztok & Brett, 2011). This research examines the creation of teaching presence from the vantage point of the instructor. Over the course of three semesters, the researcher/instructor incorporated various techniques to create a greater sense of […]

A Rubric for Evaluating E-Learning.

As educational developers supporting the incorporation of technology into teaching, we are often asked by instructors for a tailored recommendation of an e-learning tool to use in a particular course. When they use the phrase e-learning tool, instructors are typically asking for some kind of digital technology, mediated through the use of an internet-connected device, […]

Online learning.

Online education has seen tremendous growth in the last decade and student enrolment in web-based classes continue to grow. For many institutions, online learning has even become a substantial revenue stream. In principle and in theory, online learning offers numerous possibilities to practice educational inclusivity. It has the ability to reach an unlimited number of […]